Pools have a lot of parts that need to be regularly maintained or even upgraded. Regardless of which piece of equipment you need, how big your pool is, or the shape of your pool, Stolles Best of Pool Service equipment installation services is here for you. Our equipment installations in Glendale, CA and surrounding areas will keep your pool clean, inviting, and fun for years to come.


The pump is essentially the heart of the swimming pool’s circulation system. Your pool’s circulation system involves the elements of your pool that take water from your pool, filters it, sanitizes it, and then returns the water back to the pool. If your pump is not running, then the water from your pool can not be properly circulated or filtered.


Pool water comes from the circulation pump then goes into the filter where small debris particles are removed through depth or surface filtration. From there, it goes on to the heater or back to the pool. A filter works through mechanical separation of water and debris through surface or depth filtration. Sand filters use a special filter sand, cartridge filters pass water through a fibrous element, and DE filters pass water through a thin layer of diatomaceous earth that is coated onto a grid. A gauge located on the filter or valve can be used to measure the back pressure or resistance in your filter system. When the pressure increases by 10 psi, your filter should be cleaned to reduce resistance and improve water flow. Cartridge filters require disassembly and cleaning of the cartridge periodically to remove debris from the filter.


Regardless of your typical climate, you will at some point want to experience the comfort of heating your pool. Even if the air temperature is warm enough, it doesn’t necessarily mean your pool’s water is comfortable enough to swim in. The only way to continuously enjoy your pool is to heat the water to the perfect temperature. Stolles Best of Pool Service provides you with a variety of pool and spa heating solutions for every application, budget and climate.


OmniLogic® with Stolles Best of Pool Service offers the ultimate in total backyard automation. Enjoy complete control of your pool, spa, and landscape features from anywhere with the industry’s most intuitive apps for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ and simple customization with up to 25 backyard themes and 50 favorites buttons. Keep your backyard up to date with cutting-edge, effortless software upgrades and plug-and-play technology that seamlessly integrates new features. With all of this and more, OmniLogic is truly the only backyard automation system you’ll ever need.


Robotic pool cleaners from Stolles Best of Pool Service are the ultimate plug-and-play cleaning solution for most pool shapes, sizes, and finishes. They are energy efficient and work separate from your existing pool’s filtration system. This is a sophisticated technology that may require a larger upfront investment.