When cleaning your pool, this is what I do:

  • Show up
  • Check Chemicals
  • Add new chemicals, if needed
  • Skim the tile
  • Wash the tile every step
  • Vacuum, if needed
  • Brush walls periodically

In all my years of business I have never missed a pool. No excuses. Without a doubt, I'm your guy. We take pride in what we do, so you can take pride in your pool.

At Stolles Best of Pool Service, we make pool maintenance seamless and can cover all of your pool-related needs. Whether it is your pool equipment or simply the water itself, everything needs general maintenance. While it is important to get a couple of opinions on your pool maintenance and needs, it is just as important to find that one company who you can trust to provide you with quality, year-round pool maintenance; one provider makes your life easier and cheaper. Stolles Best of Pool Service works with you to become completely familiar with your wants and needs in regards to your pool. By getting to really know our clients’ pool and equipment, we make it easier to catch a problem early, while it is still small and manageable.

Pool maintenance is an ongoing task. The most important aspect of quality pool maintenance is consistent and regular inspection. By regularly cleaning, checking the circulation and filtration systems, and testing your water, we can be easily alerted when something within the system is off-key. There will be intervals where we will not only perform regular cleanings and checks, but also assess other critical parts of your pool including: filters, pumps, plumbing, tiles, etc.

Your input is important to us. If we discover a need for repairs or replacements, Stolles Best of Pool Service will not move forward until you’ve had a chance to weigh your options and give us your approval. We also want to know if anything appears different from our last visit. Let us at Stolles Best of Pool Service know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Communication is a key element of our job that allows us to serve you more effectively and ensure that you are satisfied with the maintenance of your pool.

Our goal at Stolles Best of Pool Service is to not only keep your pool well maintained, but to catch problems at their initial onset; before it becomes a more costly problem. We are highly trained, so you can be sure that your pool is in good hands. Customer satisfaction is key in any business. Stolles Best of Pool Service is proud and appreciative that the majority of our customers have stayed with us for many years.